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Public Holidays in North Macedonia in 2023

Your Guide to Public Holidays in North Macedonia 2023: Dates and Significance

In 2023, Macedonia will celebrate a wide range of public holidays and observances, providing opportunities for both reflection and celebration.

Let’s take a closer look at the significant holidays and observances that will mark the calendar in North Macedonia in 2023.

Date Name Type
1 Jan Sunday New Year’s Day National holiday
2 Jan Monday Day off for New Year’s Day National holiday
6 Jan Friday Orthodox Christmas Eve Optional Holiday
7 Jan Saturday Orthodox Christmas Day National holiday, Orthodox
19 Jan Thursday Epiphany (Orthodox) Optional Holiday
27 Jan Friday St Sava’s Day Optional Holiday
14 Feb Tuesday Valentine’s Day Observance
8 Mar Wednesday Mothers’ Day/International Women’s Day Observance
20 Mar Monday March Equinox Season
23 Mar Thursday Ramadan Start Observance
26 Mar Sunday Daylight Saving Time starts Clock change/Daylight Saving Time
7 Apr Friday Good Friday Observance
8 Apr Saturday Easter Saturday Observance
8 Apr Saturday International Romani Day (for Romani community) Optional Holiday
9 Apr Sunday Easter Sunday Observance
10 Apr Monday Easter Monday Optional Holiday
14 Apr Friday Good Friday (Orthodox) Optional Holiday
15 Apr Saturday Easter Saturday (Orthodox) Observance, Orthodox
16 Apr Sunday Easter Sunday (Orthodox) Observance, Orthodox
17 Apr Monday Easter Monday (Orthodox) National holiday, Orthodox
21 Apr Friday Eid al-Fitr National holiday
1 May Monday Labor Day National holiday
23 May Tuesday Vlach’s National Day (for Vlach community) Optional Holiday
24 May Wednesday Saints Cyril and Methodius’ Day National holiday
2 Jun Friday Friday before Pentecost Optional Holiday
21 Jun Wednesday June Solstice Season
29 Jun Thursday Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) (Tentative Date) Optional Holiday
2 Aug Wednesday Republic Day National holiday
28 Aug Monday Feast of the Assumption of Mary (Orthodox) Optional Holiday
8 Sep Friday Independence Day National holiday
10 Sep Sunday Fathers’ Day Observance
23 Sep Saturday September Equinox Season
25 Sep Monday First day of Yom Kippur (Jewish community) Optional Holiday
28 Sep Thursday International Bosniaks’ Day (for Bosniak community) Optional Holiday
11 Oct Wednesday Day of People’s Uprising National holiday
23 Oct Monday Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle National holiday
29 Oct Sunday Daylight Saving Time ends Clock change/Daylight Saving Time
31 Oct Tuesday Halloween Observance
1 Nov Wednesday All Saints’ Day Optional Holiday
22 Nov Wednesday Albanian Alphabet Day (Albanian community) Optional Holiday
8 Dec Friday Saint Kliment Ohridski’s Day National holiday
21 Dec Thursday Turkish Language Day (Turkish community) Optional Holiday
22 Dec Friday December Solstice Season
24 Dec Sunday Christmas Eve Observance
25 Dec Monday Christmas Day Optional Holiday
31 Dec Sunday New Year’s Eve Observance

Get ready to mark your calendars and embrace the festive spirit as North Macedonia gears up to celebrate an array of public holidays in 2023.

From the joyous New Year’s Day and Orthodox Christmas to the empowering International Women’s Day and the patriotic Republic Day, these holidays offer a unique blend of cultural, religious, and historical significance.

New Year’s Day (January 1st)

As with many countries around the world, North Macedonia begins the year by celebrating New Year’s Day. It is a national holiday where people gather with family and friends, participate in festive events, and enjoy the first day of the year together.

Orthodox Christmas (January 7th)

North Macedonia follows the Orthodox Christian tradition, and Orthodox Christmas is an important holiday in the country. On January 7th, the nation celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ according to the Orthodox calendar.

It is a national holiday and is marked by religious services, family gatherings, and the exchange of gifts.

Easter (April 17th)

Easter, one of the most important Christian holidays, is celebrated in North Macedonia. The dates of Easter may vary each year as they are based on the Orthodox calendar.

The Orthodox Christian community celebrates Easter on April 17th, marking Easter Monday as a national holiday.

These days are observed with religious services, family gatherings, feasts, and traditional customs such as egg painting and egg tapping games.

Labor Day (May 1st)

Labor Day, also known as International Workers’ Day, is observed as a national holiday in North Macedonia. It is a day to recognize and appreciate the contributions of workers to society and to advocate for workers’ rights.

Saints Cyril and Methodius’ Day (May 24th)

This national holiday in North Macedonia commemorates the work and legacy of Saints Cyril and Methodius, the creators of the Glagolitic alphabet, which served as the basis for the Cyrillic script used in many Slavic languages, including Macedonian.

The day is celebrated with cultural events, exhibitions, and ceremonies that promote the Macedonian language and alphabet.

Republic Day (August 2nd)

Republic Day or the Day of the Republic or Ilinden is a major national holiday of  Macedonia. It is celebrated on 2 August, which is also a major religious holidayIlinden. It commemorates two major events in the establishment of the statehood of the country which took place on this date:

On this day, various festivities, concerts, and official ceremonies take place to celebrate the country’s sovereignty and achievements.

Independence Day (September 8th)

Independence Day is another important national holiday in North Macedonia. It has been a national holiday since 1991, when, following a referendum for IndependenceSR Macedonia gained its independence from Yugoslavia, where it was a federal state, and became a sovereign parliamentary democracy.

The day is celebrated with parades, concerts, cultural events, and fireworks, reflecting the country’s pride and patriotism.

Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle (October 23rd)

This national holiday in North Macedonia commemorates the Macedonian Revolutionary Organization, which fought for the country’s independence during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The day is marked with wreath-laying ceremonies, cultural events, and educational programs to honor the nation’s revolutionary history.


The diversity of holidays reflects the cultural, religious, and historical variety of the country, providing opportunities for people of different backgrounds to come together and celebrate.

Whether it’s through religious ceremonies, cultural events, or time spent with loved ones, these holidays play an essential role in shaping the national identity and fostering unity among the people of Macedonia.

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