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Why You Should Visit Vodno Mountain in Skopje

Guide to Vodno-How to Get there, What to Do, and When to Visit

Are you looking for a destination that combines nature and culture in a unique and exciting way? If so, you should consider visiting Vodno Mountain in Skopje, the capital city of North Macedonia.

Vodno is a mountain range that rises above the city, offering stunning views, rich nature, and historical landmarks. Whether you are a hiker, a cyclist, a photographer, or a history lover, you will find something to enjoy on this mountain.

In this article, we will show you why Vodno Mountain is the ultimate destination for nature and culture lovers, and how to make the most of your visit.

A Brief History of Vodno

Vodno has been a part of Skopje’s history since ancient times. The name Vodno comes from the Slavic word for water, as the mountain has many springs and streams that feed the Vardar River. The mountain was also a strategic point for defense and communication, as it overlooks the city and the surrounding valleys.

One of the most notable historical events that took place on Vodno was the Battle of Vodena in 1014, when the Byzantine Emperor Basil II defeated the Bulgarian army and captured their leader, Samuel.

Another important historical figure associated with Vodno is Mother Teresa, who was born in Skopje in 1910. Her childhood home was located at the foot of the mountain, and she often visited the nearby church of St. Panteleimon, where she felt her calling to become a nun. Today, you can visit a memorial house dedicated to her life and work in Skopje.

How to Get to Vodno

There are several ways to get to Vodno from Skopje. The easiest and most popular way is to take the cable car that runs from the middle station at Sredno Vodno to the top station at Krstovar. The ride takes about 8 minutes and offers spectacular views of the city and the mountain.

Cable car to Krstovar
Cable car from Middle Vodno to Krstovar

The cable car operates almost every day from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (8:00 pm on weekends) and costs 100 denars (about 1.6 euros) for a round trip.

Non working days for the cable car: Monday and last Tuesday in the month!

Another option is to take a bus from the bus station to Sredno Vodno and then hike or bike to the top station. The bus number 25 runs every hour from Tuesday to Friday and every half hour on weekends and holidays. Buy a daily ticket for 120 denars or 2 euros, from the bus driver or ticket office at bus station.

The ride takes about 25 minutes. The hike from Sredno Vodno to Krstovar is about 6 kilometers long and takes about 2 hours. The bike ride is shorter and faster, but more challenging.

Bus timetable for weekends:

From bus station: 8:00/ 9:20/ 10:00/ 10:40/ 11:20/ 12:00/ 12:40/13:20/ 14:00/14:40 /15:20/ 16:00/17:20 /18:40
From Vodno: 8:00/ 9:20 10:00 / 10:40/ 11:20/ 12:00 /12:40/ 13:20/14:00/14:40/ 15:20/16:00/17:20/18:40/ 8:00

Bus timetable for weekdays (Tuesday to Friday):

From bus station: 8:00/ 9:20/ 10:40/ 12:00/ 13:20/ 14:40/ 16:00/ 17:20/ 18:40
From Vodno: 8:40/ 10:00/ 11:20/ 12:40/ 14:00/ 15:20/ 16:40/ 18:00/ 20:00

No need to pay for bus ticket on Sunday, it’s free.

A third option is to drive your own car or rent one from Skopje. There are several parking lots along the road that leads to Sredno Vodno and Krstovar.

However, be aware that the road is narrow and winding, and can be crowded on weekends and holidays. The drive from Skopje to Sredno Vodno takes about 15 minutes, and from Sredno Vodno to Krstovar another 15 minutes.

What to Do on Vodno

Once you reach Krstovar, you will see the most iconic landmark of Vodno: the Millennium Cross. This is a 66-meter-high cross that was built in 2002 to commemorate 2,000 years of Christianity in North Macedonia.

The cross is illuminated at night and can be seen from far away. You can climb up to the base of the cross and enjoy a panoramic view of Skopje and beyond.

A large steel cross standing on a hilltop with a blue sky background. The cross is 66 meters tall and has a platform at its base with an observation deck. The cross is illuminated by sunlight and can be seen from far away.
Millennium Cross at Vodno Skopje

If you want to explore more of the mountain, you can follow one of the many trails that crisscross Vodno.

You can find maps and signs at the top station or download an app called “Vodno Trails” that shows you all the routes and points of interest. Some of the highlights include:

The Saint Panteleimon Monastery

This is a 12th-century monastery that features beautiful frescoes and a peaceful atmosphere. It is located about 3 kilometers from Sredno Vodno and can be reached by foot or bike.

The Matka Canyon

This is a stunning gorge that lies at the western edge of Vodno. It is home to a lake, a dam, several caves, and a medieval monastery. You can hike along the canyon or take a boat tour to see its natural beauty. Check hiking trails on this link. It is located about 15 kilometers from Sredno Vodno and can be reached by car or bus.

Read A Day Trip to Matka Canyon for more information about Matka and how to get there.

The Marko’s Monastery

This is a 14th-century monastery that is known for its exquisite architecture and paintings. It is located in the village of Markova Susica, about 18 kilometers from Sredno Vodno and can be reached by car or bus.

How Long Should You Stay on Vodno

The length of your stay on Vodno depends on your preferences and interests. You can spend a few hours or a whole day on the mountain, depending on how much you want to see and do.

Here are some suggestions for different types of visitors:

  • If you are a casual visitor who just wants to see the Millennium Cross and enjoy the view, you can take the cable car to Krstovar and spend an hour or two there.
  • If you are a nature lover who wants to hike or bike on the mountain, you can take the bus to Sredno Vodno and then follow one of the trails to Krstovar or other destinations. You can spend half a day or a full day on the mountain, depending on your speed.
  • If you are a history buff who wants to learn more about the cultural heritage of Vodno, you can visit some of the monasteries and churches that dot the mountain. You can spend a full day or more on the mountain, depending on how many sites you want to see.

What Kind of Activities Can You Do on Vodno

Vodno offers a variety of activities for different tastes and ages. Some of the most popular activities are:

Hiking and exploring Vodno on foot

There are many hiking trails on Vodno that range from easy to difficult. You can hike to the Millennium Cross, the Saint Panteleimon Monastery, the Matka Canyon, or other places.

Hiking at Vodno
Hiking at Vodno Mountain

You can also join organized hiking tours that are offered by local agencies or guides.

Biking to the Millennium Cross

There are also many biking trails on Vodno that are suitable for different levels of experience. You can bike to the Millennium Cross, the Saint Panteleimon Monastery, the Matka Canyon, or other places.

You can also rent a bike from Sredno Vodno or join organized biking tours that are offered by local agencies or guides.


If you are feeling adventurous, you can try paragliding from Vodno. You can fly over the city and the mountain with a professional instructor who will ensure your safety and enjoyment.

You can book a paragliding session from Sredno Vodno or online.

Picnicking and relaxing on Vodno

If you are looking for a relaxing activity, you can have a picnic on Vodno. There are many picnic areas on the mountain that have tables, benches, and fireplaces.

Benches and tables at Vodno
Benches and tables for relaxing at Vodno

You can bring your own food and drinks or buy them from nearby shops or restaurants.


If you are a photography enthusiast, you will find many opportunities to capture beautiful shots on Vodno. You can photograph the Millennium Cross, the cityscape, the nature, the wildlife, refreshing drink or the people.

Vodno Cross coffee
Have a drink at Millenium Cross coffee bar

You can also join photography workshops that are offered by local photographers.

What is the Best Time to Go to Vodno?

Vodno is a year-round destination that has something to offer in every season. The best time to visit Vodno Mountain largely depends on your personal preferences and the type of activities you wish to engage in.

Vodno view
View from the top of Vodno Mountain

The best time to visit Vodno Mountain largely depends on your personal preferences and the type of activities you wish to engage in. Spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) are ideal for hiking, as the weather is mild, and the landscapes come alive with vibrant colors.

Summer (June to August) offers pleasant temperatures for outdoor activities, but it can be crowded with tourists. Winter (December to February) transforms Vodno Mountain into a winter wonderland, attracting visitors with its snowy slopes.

As you can see, Vodno Mountain in Skopje is a wonderful destination that offers something for everyone. Whether you want to enjoy nature, history, culture, or adventure, you will find it on this mountain. Exploring Vodno Mountain promises an unforgettable journey through natural beauty.

Vodno is a hidden gem in North Macedonia that deserves to be explored and appreciated. So don’t wait any longer and plan your trip to Vodno Mountain today. You won’t regret it.

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