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BinBin in Skopje

Skopje on the Go-Exploring the City with Electric Scooters

Discover Skopje with BinBin Scooters: Easy, Eco-Friendly, and Exciting! Cruise through the city hassle-free with 500 electric scooters at just 9 denars (0.15 euros) per minute.

An affordable and fun way for both locals and visitors to explore Skopje’s charm!

Electric scooter from BinBin in Skopje
Electric scooter from BinBin parked in front of Porta Macedonia

BinBin Electric Scooters Revolutionize Urban Transportation

The introduction of BinBin electric scooters marks a significant milestone for Skopje, making it the first city in Macedonia to host such a service. According to BinBin, Skopje was a perfect match for their expansion due to the city’s high demand for urban transportation.

The company recognized the need for an alternative to traditional taxis for short-distance trips, and thus, BinBin’s electric scooters became the solution for navigating Skopje’s vibrant streets.

BinBin expressed their excitement about being the first micromobility company in Skopje, emphasizing their commitment to providing a convenient mode of transportation for the city’s residents and visitors. 

BinBin Scooters: Addressing Concerns and Ensuring Quality Service

Despite some reports circulating on social media about damaged scooters, BinBin clarified that only one electric scooter has been slightly damaged to date.

They reassured users that they have a highly experienced team working around the clock to manage any incidents promptly, ensuring the quality of their service and the protection of their vehicles.

Riding the Future: BinBin’s Segway 2.3 in Skopje – A Green and Innovative Urban Experience

BinBin’s electric scooters in Skopje are Segway 2.3 version scooters, offering riders three different riding modes (Eco, Drive, Sport) to suit their preferences. With a maximum speed limit of 25 km/h and shock absorbers for a comfortable riding experience on bumpy roads, BinBin ensures a safe and enjoyable journey through the city.

The company’s approach is not only about providing a convenient mode of transportation but also about contributing to a more environmentally friendly urban lifestyle. BinBin aims to transform urban transportation, and their expansion into Skopje aligns with this mission.

Starting their journey in Turkey in 2019, BinBin has rapidly expanded to various cities, including their recent entrance into Western Europe with the acquisition of GO Sharing.

As BinBin sets its sights on Skopje, they are already contemplating further expansion into cities like Ohrid and Bitola.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use BinBin Electric Scooters in Skopje

Using BinBin electric scooters in Skopje is a straightforward process that allows you to navigate the city easily.

QR code for Bin Bin in Skopje

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use BinBin in Skopje:

1. Download the BinBin App

  • Start by downloading the BinBin application from the App Store (for iOS users) or Google Play Store (for Android users).

2. Sign Up or Log In

  • Open the app and sign up for a new account if you’re a first-time user. If you already have an account, simply log in.

3. Locate Nearby Scooters

  • Once logged in, the app will display a map showing the locations of available BinBin electric scooters in Skopje. Look for the nearest scooter to your current location.

4. Unlocking the Scooter

  • Approach the selected scooter and use the app to scan the QR code located on the scooter. This will unlock the electric scooter for use.

5. Starting Your Ride

  • After unlocking the scooter, start your ride through the app. The electric scooter is now ready to use.

6. Riding Modes

  • BinBin electric scooters in Skopje offer three different riding modes: Eco, Drive, and Sport. Choose the mode that suits your preferences and riding style.

7. Riding Safely

  • Follow local traffic laws and regulations while riding. BinBin scooters have a maximum speed limit of 25 km/h, so be mindful of your speed for a safe journey.

8. Ending Your Ride

  • Once you reach your destination, end your ride through the BinBin app. Take a photo of the scooter through the application to confirm the completion of your trip.

9. Payment

  • Payments for BinBin electric scooters can be made through top-up credits within the app or by using a linked bank card. Ensure that your payment method is set up before starting your ride.

10. Park Responsibly

  • When you finish your ride, park the electric scooter in a designated area or according to local guidelines. Be considerate of pedestrians and other road users.

The Advantages of Using BinBin Segway

Using BinBin Segway in Skopje comes with a range of benefits for both residents and visitors.

Firstly, the micromobility service provides a convenient and efficient way to navigate the city’s streets, especially for short-distance trips. With 500 electric scooters strategically located at 20 parking stations and throughout the city, users can easily find and access a BinBin Segway whenever needed.

The eco-friendly aspect of these scooters contributes to a more sustainable urban lifestyle, reducing carbon emissions and promoting cleaner air in Skopje.

Additionally, the scooters offer three different riding modes, allowing users to tailor their experience based on preferences and ensuring a comfortable journey with shock absorbers even on bumpy roads.

Overall, BinBin Segway in Skopje not only enhances mobility but also aligns with the city’s commitment to environmentally conscious transportation options.

Exploring Skopje with BinBin’s electric scooters offers a novel and sustainable way to experience the city. As the wheels of innovation turn, BinBin’s presence in Skopje not only provides a convenient mode of transportation but also contributes to the city’s efforts in adopting eco-friendly alternatives.

So, grab a BinBin scooter, glide through the streets of Skopje, and embark on a micromobility adventure in this charming Macedonian capital.

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